Da seit lange

Lebt Danzig

Weich und hard

Und zwar mit licht



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It’s fusive to mark a place where the personality is a shot of perspective in the world, when the personality is notably not fusive with the waiting theme.

One is just pitched to be theatrical, formal or comical. If comical, the age is the thought at which the person is drafted, when running a point past.

It’s tender to be an act in the feature, but three other fields need to be noticed. These fields are the feature of getting there, the art of being there and the act of it all.

Hosting is indeed an act and one should see the theme as hosting. If one is put in play as merely a player then he can’t revoke much as an employee.

It’s character that employs the edge on what is rightly needed, which ports an expectation to work. Seeing a field as a place in play is tough.


Times in RSS are like little pieces of soliloquay.




A poem was left in on this subject. Try get there to see it. Sultry could mean a feature of being sulky, i.e. sullen but could also mean someone in the ministry of a sultan.


So Naoh it’s Salton